crazy golf watford

Puttshack Watford Review

Mini Golf & Crazy Golf for a great night out in Watford
crazy golf watford
Brand new to Watford we were invited for a fun filled evening playing what must be the craziest and most entertaining golf in town at Puttshack Watford.

Things to do in Watford

Watford is a lively and growing town with lots to do and see, known for being the home of the Harry Potter Studios it has more to offer than just movie magic. A destination town for a day trip or an evening out you can be sure to find what you’re looking for from shops to food and entertainment. It’s only 15 minutes from London on the fast train from Euston to Watford Junction and close to the M1 & M25 for easy access by car to.

Getting there

We arrived into Watford using the Arriva Click service, an on demand rapid taxi-bus with USB, Wifi and leather seat, travelling in luxury but without the price. It picked us up from our house and dropped us in the town centre close to all the local shops and evening entertainment venues. We walked into the lower courtyard of the Atria Shopping Centre under its shiny glass dome roof where you can find the entrance for Puttshack. The Arriva Click service can also pick you up from anywhere in Watford including the train station so you can arrive in a group or as a solo traveller. Its costs less than a taxi and helps reduce your carbon footprint so is worth a try, just download the Arriva Click app.

watford puttshack

Great Atmosphere

Upon arrival into Puttshack we were warmly welcomed by the front of house staff who took our details and showed us how to use the booking machines where we could choose our cheeky player names, of course we couldn’t just have our normal names. So Coco, Lady Leesh, Breezy, Jam and Jen (Jenny didn’t feel so cheeky so Jen it was) were all registered and ready to go. The front of house team offered to start our game or to relax and have some food and drinks. We chose the second being a treat night and they adjusted the game start time so we could sample some of their goodies.

Bar & Restaurant

The bar area in Puttshack really has a great vibe to it with a mix between cool and modern with a twist of hand crafted retroness. There’s plenty of room for groups of any size with high top tables for a quick drinks and cozy booths to tuck into some of their tasty bites. The menu offered a selection of shareable plates, pizzas, burgers and grilled items so you’re spoilt for choice for either a quick snack or full dinner. We went for some of their fries, beers and cocktails to get us warmed up for the game. The team at the bar were great, efficient and friendly making you feel like a regular and the table service for food flows with that proactive how can I help you vibe. We really wish we had arranged to have dinner there as the plates coming out looked like food heaven so definitely recommend early arrival to enjoy a bite before your gane.


Ready to Play

So without further delay, buzzed up and ready to go we went off to test out or golfing skills and to see who’s putt was on par. You step up to the ball collection booth where an attendant syncs up your ball to your player name, using what must be black magic the system knows exactly how many times you’ve hit the ball and the route its taken around each hole.

Crazy Crazy Golf

We stepped up to the first hole and wow it really is a fun and completely crazy mini golf course. There’s always a range of ways you can go to get to the hole, whether it’s up and over, through a football net and past a moving keeper or up the side of a half pipe from a skate track. So much thought has been put into the course design and every hole offers something different. It’s not like any other mini golf course that may have a few humps, this well a truly mixes great design and technology to make something fun for everyone. One of our favourite hole was the drum kit, yes a drum kit! You start on a raised platform and with a little bit of skill you can get the golf ball to bounce along each drum piece all the way into the hole with a bong on each drum on it’s merry way down.

golf in watford

Prizes while you Play!

Another great feature is the spin the wheel prize hole! You can win free games, pizza (yes free pizza) and more, all you need is a bit of good timing. Launch the ball and if it goes past the wheel at the right time then you could win one of the prizes, the slightly harder bit is then getting the hole in one needed to claim the prize. The whole game at Puttshack is completely un-predictable, you can go from being last place then if you collect one or two bonus point on the way round, you’ll be in the lead. It’s great that you don’t have to have any previous golf experience to play and it really is suitable for the whole family creating a fun and competitive friendly vibe for everyone.

Puttshack Watford Review

So if you’re looking for something fun to do it Watford, whether it be for a date night, hanging out with friends or taking the family out then book yourself a game down at Puttshack Watford. 

It’s a great activity that everyone can enjoy, it’ll take about 30 minutes for each game, with 4 courses you can make a whole night out of it and also relax in the great bar and restaurant with some tasty food or cheeky cocktails.