If you’ve ever been to Asia you’ll know the people are the friendliest you can meet but sometimes the language barrier and expectations can be very different from what we’re used to in the west. So in this accommodation guide we’ve put together some of our most interesting stays across Asia where you get to experience a slower and calmer pace of life where what you do next is always an adventure.

Most accommodation in Asia can be booked upon arrival but we highly recommend having your first stop in a new town or city pre-booked so the touts can’t take advantage of you and also follow our travel guides to prevent being overcharged to get there from the airports or coach stations.

February 2, 2020
Best place to stay in Hoi An

The best place to stay in Hoi An – Calm House Hotel

The Calm House Hotel in Hoi An, Vietnam, is a beautiful relaxing place to stay within walking distance of the Old Town. It's run by a great team of staff and is the prefect place to stay in Hoi An