To get the best views and tick off some of the highest peaks that are possible for man kind to reach you are going to need to learn the skills of mountaineering. In this section we share with you some of our great mountaineering adventures and also have guest contributors tell you about some of their experiences climbing to the peak.

As adventure activities go mountaineering is accessible for all but requires a high level of common sense and understanding and respect of your surroundings. We teach you about having the right equipment as the weather and routes can be unforgiving and guide you how to get started on your mountaineering adventures.

February 25, 2021

Best Durable & Rugged Hiking Backpacks 2021

We tested some of the best backpacks out there to find the most rugged and heavy duty bags that that will last a lifetime. These backpacks will survive the extreme conditions expected out on the hiking trails and out mountaineering.
April 10, 2019

Best Hiking Routes to Snowdon Peak

The ultimate guide to the best walking and hiking routes to the summit of Snowdon Peak. Route Maps, Car Parking & Guides.