Travel Accommodation

Whether you just want somewhere to rest your head at night or if you want the accommodation to be part of the adventure we have visited a range of Adventure Cabins & Air BnBs plus the slightly more normal day to day Hotel and Motels.
With accommodation creating such a large part of your trip we love to go for something not so normal and usually very hidden away from the rest of the world to create a unique experience.

In our travel accommodation section we share with you some of these casa’s, converted wine cellars and log cabins to inspire you and to maybe even book. Plus we invite you to see the adventure activities we got to experience while staying at them.


In Europe with the great amount of accommodation suppliers and a growing online industry lead by, and Air BnB you really are spoilt for choice so it's trying to find that hidden gem that hasn't been spotted by others yet. Sometimes to find good accommodation in Europe it's about looking on sites like TripAdvisor and speaking to fellow travellers. Or even easier follow our Europe accommodation guide where we show you those secret hidden gems and how to get the best experience while staying at them. We also guide you through the best way to get to your Casa in the mountains or Lodge in the woods from airport to front door.

United Kingdom

The British are known for their quirkiness and this isn't just in their humour but the character and range of accommodation available in the UK. If the words shabby chic, original and homely are something you'd like to experience then get off the tourist trap of chain hotels and try out our top accommodation recommendations through out Britain. With a growing tourist industry in the UK, Air BnB really leads the way in the of finding great independently run accommodation followed by an evening at a local pub by a warm fire and great local ale.


At first it can seem like a daunting experience booking accommodation in Africa but once you see the options and life experiences open to you you'll never want to leave and stay there forever. In Africa you can stay at places like no other, under the stars out in the open, deep in the jungle listening to the sound of nature or by the sea watching the waves as they clap against the shoreline. We've taken some of our most memorable accommodation experiences in Africa and put them in an easy to use accommodation guide with contacts to all the providers who will help you book your travel adventure there.


If you've ever been to Asia you'll know the people are the friendliest you can meet but sometimes the language barrier and expectations can be very different from what we're used to in the west. So in this accommodation guide we've put together some of our most interesting stays across Asia where you get to experience a slower and calmer pace of life where what you do next is always an adventure. Most accommodation in Asia can be booked upon arrival but we highly recommend having your first stop in a new town or city pre-booked so the touts can't take advantage of you and also follow our travel guides to prevent being overcharged to get there from the airports or coach stations.


Ok we know we said Australia but we actually meant Oceania & Australasia unless you're not really adventuring and getting lost. First we'll cover accommodation in Australia where the accommodation can become part of the experience, you may have decided to work on a farm for a few weeks or hire a camper van to get in as much of the vast continent as possible. We guide you through your best options for the mainland and how to have a great travel experience. Once you fly away from the mainland you realise that the islands and countries surrounding Australia offer a completely different experience including the less explored Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia regions.

North America

When we mention North America accommodation the usual instinct is to think of the USA and theme parks but the lesser known accommodation destinations include staying in some of the largest national parks across the region then heading to the Rockies which go from British Colombia in Canada to the the Southern regions of the United States. Being in a very connected part of the world you can easily book adventure accommodation via Air BnB and a range of providers. Accommodation in North America can vary from your everyday hotel to a lodge in the desert but wherever you go you'll be met by a friendly and helpful face who usually speaks your language.

South & Central America

It's about to get fun, you're about to stay in South & Central America. This will involve staying in alot of Casa's where you really get to know the family and get the warmest welcomes and then you'll more than likely be backpacking across South America. In this accommodation guide we share some of our top accommodation locations and experiences we've had. South & Central America can be quite off grid at times so you'll need to plan a few days ahead for your accommodation or have someone back home as your support booker. Every place you go to should be able to recommend a good accommodation in the next town but if you want to experience something different we recommend doing more research prior to departure.