South & Central America

It’s about to get fun, you’re about to stay in South & Central America. This will involve staying in alot of Casa’s where you really get to know the family and get the warmest welcomes and then you’ll more than likely be backpacking across South America. In this accommodation guide we share some of our top accommodation locations and experiences we’ve had.

South & Central America can be quite off grid at times so you’ll need to plan a few days ahead for your accommodation or have someone back home as your support booker. Every place you go to should be able to recommend a good accommodation in the next town but if you want to experience something different we recommend doing more research prior to departure.

October 31, 2020
Travelling to Antigua from the UK - Covid-19 and Coronavirus Entry Requirements

Coronavirus Travelling to Antigua from the UK | Covid-19 Antigua Entry Requirements

Everything you need to travel safely during Coronavirus to Antigua from the UK. Including Covid 19 PCR tests, health screening and approved accommodation in Antigua.