Adventure Activities

From cycling to hiking we’ve tested out the best adventure activities for travellers. When you’re travelling there’s no better way to see and experience the area than with an adventure experience. It’s a great way to take in the local sights and also get the adrenaline pumping.

There’s lots of adventure activities you can do by yourself by simply hiring the equipment and find your own route or in some destinations you may choose to join an organised experience. We’ve shared with you some of our top days out and how you can experience your own adventures.


Two feet.. check, shoes.. ready, map.. got it.. let's go hiking! One of the simplest yet most fun ways of exploring is actually one of the oldest forms of transport, walking; well we call it hiking and you will end up going up a few hills, through a few valleys and across mud, sand and possibly some un-planned water. In our hiking guides we share some of our routes that we've explored and give you guides on what to look out for and how to not get too lost. We've also written down our top tips of how to get out and about hiking and exploring for yourself.


To cover large distances quickly and see as much of the world as possible we highly recommend getting on two wheels and cycling to see some of the most spectacular views on your adventure travels. In our cycling adventures we share with you some of our most enjoyable routes plus the fun we had on the way. Cycling is quickly becoming one of the most popular travel activities by many so we delve deep into the adventure cycle world and give you some of our top tips.


To get the best views and tick off some of the highest peaks that are possible for man kind to reach you are going to need to learn the skills of mountaineering. In this section we share with you some of our great mountaineering adventures and also have guest contributors tell you about some of their experiences climbing to the peak. As adventure activities go mountaineering is accessible for all but requires a high level of common sense and understanding and respect of your surroundings. We teach you about having the right equipment as the weather and routes can be unforgiving and guide you how to get started on your mountaineering adventures.

Horse Riding

With our own in house horse riding professional, Jenny shares all her tips on seeing the world on horse back and the experiences that can be had. While on an adventure with your four legged friend you'll build friendships not just with fellow travellers but your adventure partner as you walk across the sands of deserts, over mountains and into the deep jungle. If you've never ridden a horse before or a professional, we share with you in this section of adventure activities how to have a holiday on horseback and some great providers who can assist you with booking horse holidays and adventures.


In this section we give you tips and tricks to a great adventure or holiday camping experience and the equipment you need to enjoy your outdoor accommodation. Sleeping under the stars is a calming and return to nature experience that should be had by all. You can either setup a large camp base if you intend on fully exploring an region or wild camp with your backpack as you travel on your adventure. To make the most of your camping experience we've reviewed the gear and can recommend what to get to have a comfortable yet eco friendly camping experience plus how to stay under the stars without the fuss and be setup quickly and easily.

Water Sports

While out exploring you may get the opportunity to try some slightly more wet experiences in the field of water sports. Many of these can be a great day experience with all the equipment supplied by the tour agent such as canoeing, white water rafting or kayaking. Some water sports just involve a wet suit and scrambling across rocks then jumping off waterfalls, either way you're going to have a great time! If you want to go on a more adventurous tour you can do a multi day river adventure spending the nights camped up by the river side taking you to places unreachable by foot or road.