Outbacker Firebox Eco-Burn

New for 2019 Outbacker have released the Firebox Eco-Burn Stove
  • Product:Outbacker Firebox Eco-Burn Portable Stove
  • Available From: Bell Tent Boutique
  • Price: £219.99 (Jan 2019)
  • Functions: Stove, Heater, Hob, Water Boiler
  • Adventure Type: Camping
  • Season: Winter, Spring, Autumn, Summer
  • Our Thoughts: Superb and well built stove which packs away compactly in a carry bag

Outbacker Firebox Eco-Burn

New Firebox Stove for 2019

New for 2019 Outbacker have released an updated version of their Firebox stove – the Firebox Eco Burn Portable Secondary Burn Tent Stove. So firstly, let’s address what makes it different to the standard version of this portable tent stove. The eco burn element means this stove comes with additional panels on the two long sides which draw through the gases inside the stove and gives it a double burn effect. This means more heat for your fuel which can only be a good thing (for whoever has to leave the warmth to go and collect more wood anyway). Speaking of warmth, this stove provides a lot of it, kicking out a massive 3Kw of heat for its relatively light 12kg bodyweight.


Winter Camping in the UK

By February of each year we’re usually impatiently waiting for the spring to come along and the days to get longer so we can explore more of the UK while we’re between trips further afield. Camping adventures are usually pushed back until later in the year when it’s warm enough to sleep in the tent without completely burying ourselves in layers of thermals and blankets. Even with our frankly luxurious bell tent with rugs and camp beds lifted off the floor (ok we might be slightly spoilt), it can be an uncomfortable experience spending the night in anything less than 5 degrees Celsius. Not anymore.

Tent Flashing Kit

Preparation is key

To get the toasty warm tent of our dreams it was necessary to fit a flashing kit to the roof for the flue to exit and take all the smoke out with it, no one wants to be smoked out of their own accommodation after all. This was nerve wracking but actually very simple. The only tools we used were a Stanley knife, some scissors, a pencil and a measuring tape. The tape measure is important as you need to make sure the stove itself is at least 45cm away from the tent walls for safety. Cutting a hole through the roof of our beloved bell tent was the worst part of the experience, but this was soon patched up with the silicone flashing kit which was easily attached and tightened with the provided screws.


Is it really that simple?

Once the stove is in the right position below the newly made hole all that’s left to do is fit the chimney flue, and this is so simple we almost wondered where we had gone wrong. All the separate pieces of the flue fit inside the belly of the stove and can be stored and transported within it. To construct it, start with the piece that has two flush ends and then slot the rest together until you reach the top piece with the built-in spark arrestor, pushing the middle pieces through the flashing as you build. This is a bit of a ta-daa moment, as the finished article is a smart addition to the tent and looks like it must have been much more complicated than it really was.

Double the luxury

This portable camping stove will make every trip far more luxurious, as it not only provides a lovely central heating system for the tent but also an indoor cooking facility. The top of the stove is solid iron and is ideal for boiling a kettle and heating pans on, which means we can make a cup of morning coffee without even leaving the tent. There have been a number of times even in summer when this would have been a massive help, avoiding the necessity of cooking outside in the rain. To up your game even further a built-in water boiler is available to purchase separately, allowing you to have hot water on tap.

Our thoughts

Overall, everything about the Firebox Eco Burn Potable Tent Stove is about ease of use. It was easy fitting the flue, it’s easy transporting the stove around as it packs up small and contains everything inside itself, and it makes the whole camping experience easy with the added luxury of warmth and cooking facilities. We can’t wait for it to join us on our adventures.

Outbacker® 'Firebox' Eco Burn


New for 2019
Portable Secondary Burn Tent Stove

Outbacker Eco-Burn

A great durable stove for campers all year round.
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