Travelling to Antigua from the UK - Covid-19 and Coronavirus Entry Requirements
Covid 19 and Coronavirus Entry Requirements for Antigua

Covid-19 | Travelling to Antigua from the UK

Travelling to Antigua from the UK - Covid-19 and Coronavirus Entry Requirements

With ever changing travel corridors from the UK we explain the entry requirements to holiday and travel to Antigua from the United Kingdom.

As the shorter nights grow ever more depressing at home in the UK we brits are looking for sunshine get aways that do not require quarantining on outbound or return journeys but are still safe in light of Covid-19.

When browsing the UK Government Safe Travel List deciding which countries you can access has become ever more complicated process. A few countries have made travelling in a safe and sensible manner with Coronavirus possible, Antigua being at the top of the list due to it’s common sense yet secure approach. We explain what you need to do to have a vacation in Antigua when travelling from the UK.

UK Government - Temporary Travel Restrictions

Due to ongoing changes in UK travel restrictions we highly recommend checking the UK Gov website prior to departure

After this time it is expected that travel will return to normal

Travel from other parts of Europe and the world to Antigua remains un-affected, please check local guidance.

Covid-19 Entry Requirements

  • What do you need to get into Antigua?
  • A negative PCR Covid-19 test result with the test taken within 7 days prior to arriving. A PCR directly detects the presence of an coronavirus, rather than the presence of the body’s immune response to it. They are usually done with a nasal and throat swab with results taking between 24-72 hours.

    A private test will cost between £150-£200 at the moment, NHS tests are also accepted.

    You will also have to stay at a Covid-19 approved accommodation in Antigua that has been pre booked and is on the approved accommodation list.

    Ensure you have a printed copy of your negative test result as you’ll need this prior to leaving the UK and at arrival in Antigua.

  • Check the Latest Entry Requirements for Antigua:
    – UK Foreign Travel Advice for Antigua
    – Antigua & Barbuda Travel Advisory
  • Check Approved Accommodation for Antigua & Barbuda:
    – Antigua and Barbuda’s Certified Accommodations, Tours and Restaurants

UK Airports

  • What is it like travelling through the airport in the UK?
  • At this time UK airports are running at a heavily reduced capacity with screens and social distancing measures in place. The airports are a very safe environment with everyone wearing masks, regular handwash stations and plenty of space to keep your distance.,

    The only time you may feel a bit anxious is in the gate waiting area as they still require all passengers to travel through this space, social distancing is still achievable if the flight isn’t fully booked. However if the area looks busy and you don’t feel comfortable hold back until boarding commences then move to the gate. On the plus side if you are travelling to Antigua you know everyone in the waiting lounge has a negative Covid-19 result so you’re actually in a very safe space.

    We’d recommend booking a lounge if possible prior to your flight, this way you can relax prior to boarding and remove your mask once you have been sat at your table. All lounges now offer table service instead of buffets so the menus will be reduced.

    Ensure you have a printed copy of your negative test result as you’ll need this for check in and plenty of masks to change throughout the day to feel fresh.


  • What is a long haul flight during Covid-19 like?
  • Airlines have restarted with recommended safety restrictions and the first thing you’ll notice is the boarding process. Seats are now called in order to fill up the furthest part of the plane first working towards the entry door to prevent passengers walking pass eachother inside the plane, this very common sense move works great and actually speeds up the boarding process. Those in first class might not be as pleased not boarding first but at least it help’s keep social distancing possible throughout this process.

    On the flight you’ll have to wear your mask all the time except when eating and drinking, you’ll be surprised how quickly you forget it’s there when you try to have a drink and put your bottle into your mask face! Cabin crew do reinforce the rules about wearing masks and wear them too throughout the flight so you feel more secure and safe.

    Once on board you’ll be supplied with your own antibacterial cleaning kit to wipe down any surfaces to give them an extra clean and a small packet of hand wash.

    Food and drink services on long haul flights are provided as normal but at this time some flights are only serving cold meals instead of hot meals which can feel like a bit of a let down, however you are allowed to bring on snacks and drinks from the airport so we’d recommend grabbing a few meals deals and some nibbles as these cold meals aren’t the best.

    Refreshments are still available throughout the flight including drinks but the number of runs up and down by the cabin crew has been reduced so you are asked to use the ‘Attendant Call’ button to get more refreshments. On newer planes this button is hidden in the settings menu of the entertainment system but the old wave a hand method still works too.

    Toilets still operate as normal but you are asked to try and not create a giant queue and go when you can see it’s vacant, while flights are at low capacity this is possible but if the flights busier this may not be such an achievable expectation of the airlines.

  • Top Tip – Seat Reservations
    At this time most flights are at 50-60% capacity so if you tactically book your seats you may get a whole row to yourself, we’d definitely recommend reserving your seats towards the more empty section of the plane which is usually the rear to have more space.

    Take plenty of masks to stay fresh and also travel sweets are a great way to prevent mask breath!

Documentation & Landing Cards

  • What forms do I need to fill in prior to entry?
  • Prior to landing you will be provided with the following documents by the cabin crew to complete:
  • Immigration & Custom Form
    This is the standard form that you’ve always had to fill in when coming into Antigua, on the rear of it is also your custom declaration.
  • Health Screening Form
    This is part of the Covid-19 health screening process in which you provide further health details and information of test dates and where you will be staying on the island.
    Keep the completed forms safe as you’ll need them in the airport for the immigration and screening process

Health Screening & Immigration

  • What happens once I land?
  • You’ll notice as soon as you land that all ground staff are wearing PPE, it may feel a little overwhelming but it shows a very serious and safe approach to coronavirus. You’ll have to queue up for the health screening process which can take a little while so expect 30-45 minutes for this part of immigration.
  • Health Screening
    You’ll wait at the top of a staircase to control numbers and then be called down to a newly setup health screening area, firstly your temperature is taken using heat cameras and then you wait for a desk to become free where you hand in your health screening form that you completed on the flight and negative Covid-19 test result. You may get asked a few questions about where you’re staying and additional questions about your health if necessary.
    This was a very straight forward process with the staff being very welcoming and professional.

    Have your printed confirmation of your Covid-19 test result ready ensuring the date of the test was within 7 days

    If you can’t provide this you may have to take another paid for test and be kept in quarantine on the island until a negative test result is provided.

  • Immigration
    The regular process for immigration and passport checks takes place after the health screening and your passports are stamped and off you go to baggage collection. This is extremely quick so expect only a short wait.
  • Baggage & Customs
    Once again this is the normal process the only difference is our bags appeared to have been sprayed with antibacterial mist prior to going on the baggage belt which we presume must of been part of their safety process to keep luggage safe. Don’t forget to fill in the back part of your immigration form as this has the customs slips which you also need to hand in here.

Transport & Accommodation

  • How do I get to my Hotel and where can i stay?
  • Everything on the island that you do will of been Covid-19 approved this includes your transfers or taxis and your accommodation and tours, this all felt very well organised and was very reassuring.
  • Taxi & Transfers
    If you want to take a taxi to your accommodation when you exit the airport go out the main doors, across the road and left to the taxi booking desk. These are the registered and approved airport taxis, don’t take a ride from any touts waiting in arrivals. The taxi supervisor will provide you with a driver and a set price to your hotel or guest house, the cost is usually between $40-50USD. All taxis are Covid secure and the driver will ask you to wash your hands prior to entering and also spray the handles of your luggage. You won’t be able to sit in the front row for social distancing reasons and will have to wear a mask for this final part of your journey.

    If you have pre-booked transfers with your accommodation follow the instructions they provide.
  • Accommodation
    Finally at your hotel or guest house in Antigua & Barbuda all staff will be wearing masks and there will be a range of additional cleaning and sanitisation processes in place. You’ll notice hand cleaning stations placed around the property to encourage the regular cleaning of guest and staff hands. As a guest you’ll be able to be mask free anywhere around the property or on the beach. Many properties are running at reduced guest levels to promote social distancing which also means you’ll have more space to enjoy yourself and relax.

    Most hotels and resorts are running a full guest service including meals, activities and tours.

    Ensure you book to stay at an approved Antigua & Barbuda Hotel or Guest House from the Travel Advisory Website

Correct at time of print: 31st October 2020

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