Adventure Activities

We give you the best UK adventure activities to enjoy for all abilities

Adventure Travel Activities

Whenever we are travelling In the UK or abroad we find the best way to experience what the area has to offer is to get a bit sweaty and do some adventure activities.

Doing an activity means you get away from the tourist route that everyone else follows and leave the guide book behind to create your own day and become your own tour leader. At the end of the day after achieving your activity you come back to your accommodation feeling fulfilled that you've really had an exhilarating time.

UK Adventure Activities

UK Adventure Travel Activities

Adventure Hiking

Hiking is accessible for the majority of people, just grab a pair of boots or trainers and you're ready to go.

This makes it one of the best ways to explore the world. Exploring on foot is great for all ages and abilities, and opens up a world unseen by the everyday traveller. Put on your walking boots and follow one of our adventure hiking trails through our online guides.

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For the more experienced adventurer mountaineering can be a great way to explore and see the world from a higher viewpoint.

With the right skills and training you can travel across a range of challenging mountain routes with the rewards of breath taking sights and great life experiences. Mountaineering takes a lot more planning and equipment than hiking but with a sensible and safe approach is accessible to all physically able adventurers.

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A great way to exercise and explore is cycling, you can make up your own route as you go along and find hidden tracks and sights.

We've travelled up and down mountains on road and mountain bikes on our adventures to find some of the best adventures for you. Bike hire companies across the world help make cycling abroad an easy and cheap way to explore with tours and maps available in almost all travel destinations.

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Horse Riding

Travelling by horseback gives an entirely new perspective on the country you're visiting, and it's not just for highly experienced riders

There are opportunities for evenyone to get involved with horseriding adventures, if you are just a beginner you can do a guided day tour where they'll teach you the basics of riding or the more experienced can do an expedition and see the sunsets across deserts and sleep under the stars travelling like a true Indiana Jones.

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The best way to immerse yourself in any adventure is by staying outside in the wild, camping.

We have tested all the best camping equipment on the market and will help you set up your tent and base with everything neccessary for a successful trip, including finding the most un-spoilt locations to camp.

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Water Sports

If you don't mind trying something different then water sports offer some of the most exhilarating experiences.

Try out some day adventures along rivers on canoes or if you're feeling more adventurous some gorge scrambling might be what you need. Water sports are inherently slightly more dangerous but great fun so always undertake professional guidance first.

Water Sport Activities