Covid- 19 Cyprus Flight Pass from the UK

Travelling to Cyprus during Covid-19 with British Airways

Cyprus Flight Pass Information

Travelling to Cyprus post pandemic requires a little bit of planning but is still a great holiday destination

In this guide we tell you everything you need to travel to Cyprus with British Airways using the Cyprus Flight Pass

Travelling during Covid-19

Since the pandemic flying has become a less common affair, pre pandemic you’d look for the best deal or most suitable flight, book, turn up at the airport and away you went. With the stabilisation of covid restrictions and most nations enjoying the fact that full vaccination has become the norm travelling is starting to pick up again, all be it with a little bit more preparation required than before. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience if you get yourself organised and set aside a little bit of time for paperwork before packing your bags.

Why Fly British Airways

British Airways has always been a regular airline that we’ve used known for its generous baggage allowance and slightly quirky booking system which I’m sure everyone will agree does have its gremlins at times. However, they do exactly what they say on the tin in a very professional and efficient manner without any catches, unlike the budget airlines you don’t feel like they’re going to start charging you for toilet roll anytime soon.

Fly to Cyprus for just £2

On this occasion we decided to finally use up the Avios points we had collected for a pre-Christmas flight to Cyprus for a bit of winter sun. The flight cost us a whooping total of £2 plus 30,000 Avios points for two people in economy. If you haven’t started collecting Avios yet then the British airways American Express Card is a great way to get flights for next to nothing and if you spend enough also bring along a friend for free.

Fly to Cyprus for £2 and get 6,000 Bonus Avios


Cyprus Flight Pass Guide

Flying to Cyprus with if you are fully vaccinated with British Airways is quite a simple affair, just make sure you set aside some time a few days before you travel to complete all the necessary paperwork. Understandably countries and airlines only want passengers who are fully vaccinated or able to show they have fully recovered from covid to travel, this and other steps like more hygiene stations make travelling safer for everyone and hopefully open up the way for more holidays and adventures for everyone safely.

Step 1 – Login to the NHS  website to generate your Covid Vaccine Pass for Travel

Step 2 – Complete a Cyprus Fly Pass prior to departure
  • Go to Cyprus Fly Pass and create an account
    Only one account needed for multiple passengers
  • Ensure you activate your account with the verification email unless you won’t be able to login.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: The activation email might be in your spam folder!
  • Complete the form you will need:
    Your details, name, address, passport etc
    Outbound flight details
    Accommodation details
  • Upload your NHS Covid Pass
    Upload your latest vaccination QR Code from your NHS Covid Pass
    (If this doesn’t work select option – Non EEU Approved Covid Vaccination)
  • You will then receive a Cyprus Flight Pass via Email, save the PDF

Step 3 – Upload your Cyprus Fly Pass to the BA Document Checker
  • Visit – Manage Booking
  • Go to upload travel documents and attached your Cyprus Pass PDF
  • This will be checked within a few hours and you will then have completed all the necessary paperwork

Step 4 – Travel & Medical Insurance
  • Since leaving the EU you should have your own medical cover when travelling abroad as we are no longer part of the E111 scheme however you can apply for a UK Global Health Insurance Card  from the NHS.
  • We recommend Coverwise for their cost effective annual policies, underwritten by AXA they are a no quibble provider that also accept travellers with underlying health conditions.

Heathrow Airpot – Covid Travel Experience

The experience at the airport has also changed but not drastically so it should be quite a smooth experience. As always give yourself enough time to drop your bags off and go through security. The only real difference you’ll notice from pre pandemic is you are required to wear a mask throughout the airport and the plane unless you are eating or drinking, so bring plenty of masks.

Bag Drop

When arriving in the terminal you’ll notice some self check in counters  these will only provide you a boarding pass so skip that if you already have the boarding pass on your phone or printed and go to the bag drop queue. The bag drop machines are by the baggage belts with the rope queuing barriers. These provide you with the baggage tags and are a self weigh and bag drop system. Simply put your bags on the belt, scan your boarding pass, attach the tag that comes out of the machine and press the button to watch your bags disappear into the black hole to be seen again in a few hours.

Upon arrival if you have already got your boarding pass and don’t have any bags then head straight to security.

Security & Departures

Security remains the same as before, being prepared is always helpful with your liquids in clear bags ready to be scanned and don’t forget to take laptops or tablets out of bags. We quite enjoyed the speed at which we got through security and saw the whole crew of a Qatar airline flight including the captain staring at one of their cabin crew as they had forgot to remove their liquids. With travel numbers still relatively low security should at a maximum take about 10 minutes including queuing if you have everything ready and don’t set off any of the machines.

It’s nice to now see departure lounges are now buzzing again with most shops and restaurants open and are welcoming customers again. Terminal 5 at Heathrow has a great selection of places to eat and drink or grab a quick coffee before your flight and facilities are easy to find and kept clean and tidy. We stopped for a Starbucks (because the Pret queue was too long) then headed to wait at our gate.

Before you jump in the taxi to the airport check you have:
  1. Passports
  2. Cyprus Flight Pass
  3. Covid Vaccine Pass
  4. Boarding pass if check in online
  5. Plenty of face masks
British Airways Covid Travel

British Airways Covid Flight Experience

Our flight to Cyrpus was on an A320, one of British Airways short haul jets. It only has 28 rows with a capacity of 168. Compared to long haul flights this is incy so boarding was a quick and stress free experience, all we needed was our passport, boarding passes and facemasks and we were onboard.

Friendly Staff

The staff at British Airways I must admit are always very friendly and appear a lot more cheerful than the guys at RyanAir, we were welcomed onboard and sat down ready to go. We had the usual polite couple discussion on who is going to have the window seat which I gladly stole before Jenny had a chance to change her mind, in return I promised not to annoy her for at least an hour. The plane was at about 70% capacity so we had an extra seat which really does make the difference. One tip is to check your seat reservations before you fly using the BA website or app, this will give you a guide to whole full the flight is and whether paying for extra leg room or moving to a more empty area of the plane will be worth it to get that bit of extra stretch space.

Covid Safety

Pre take off the cabin crew came through offering sanitiser wipes, we gladly took a few of these and did a little wipe down of the trays and hands. During our previous flight to Antigua with British Airways in October 2020 the plane smelt like an off license with the amount of disinfectant being used. However I think this is just the right amount letting customers decide how much they would like to wipe down their area. The captain made his usual announcement informing us of the flight time and conditions and after a short safety briefing we were away.

Cabin Comfort

The cabin onboard these British Airways short haul jets are pretty spacious and have a good amount of leg room for someone about 6 foot, the seats are leather style with a modern slightly thinner design. They give you more space but are still comfortable and provide a good amount of support and comfort with the added bonus of USB power sockets underneath. Each seat has its own reading light and air nozzle for a blast of air but unfortunately being shorthaul there is no inflight entertainment system. In the economy class there was one toilet to the back of the cabin and queus were rare but I expect at full capacity you may have to wait around every so often.

After the seat belt signs went off the crew made their way through the galley with a complimentary bottle of water and snack, this is a nice little treat especially considering we were sitting in economy (aka Euro Traveller). Those in Club Europe also received a hot meal and possibly a few more drinks, however once the curtain was drawn we were kept to our part of the plane as per class division protocol so didn’t get to see the party upfront.

Flight Quality

The flight itself was smooth without incident, the cabin crew were attentive and responsive to any customer requests and we treated ourselves to a nice cuppa tea and took advantage of the extra seat with a little nap. The plane itself provided an extremely gentle ride and you could happily rest your head against the window for a nap without feeling any vibrations. One hour from touchdown into Cyrpus the captain provided another update from the flight deck as we looked out the window to see the views of Turkey below before we crossed the Mediterranean Sea onto the shores of Cyprus.

Cyprus Flight Pass Guide

Arriving in Cyprus

After a smooth touchdown we landed at Larnaca Airport and the plane made it’s way to the gate for us to disembark. One of the procedures in Cyprus to minimise contact during disembarking is for everyone to remain seated until your row is called to forward, the crew managed this well and were able to get the few rushers insistent on going first to remain in their seats preventing the normal rush and crush to get off.

Arrivals & Immigration

The first thing you’ll come across on your journey through arrivals is the police and immigration check point, at these you’ll find a self service machine that scans your passport and takes a photo, don’t forget to take your mask off for the photo. This is for the police check so they know who is coming and going from Cyprus, a receipt with your picture then pops out the bottom which you then take to the manual immigration check.

At the normal immigration check you present this receipt to prove you have completed that part of the process, you then present your passport and finally your Cyprus Flight Pass. Having all of this ready means you can get through immigration really quickly and it only took us a few minutes. The staff are all very friendly and helpful and hopefully this simple process will remain in place to make travelling to Cyprus welcoming for all. The Cyprus Flight Pass website isn’t the best but once you’ve got around that journeys into Cyprus can be achieved quite easily.

Baggage Collection

After immigration you are through to the main baggage hall, our bags arrived within a few minutes and we then made our way to the exit to begin our adventure in Cyprus. If you have a pre booked transfer agents are waiting with namecards by the barrier and a range of information and car hire booths are available directly in the arrivals area. If you have been told to meet at the main drop off point or by the car parks make your way up a few floors to departures as this is where the main road to the airport is with all the car parks. Once again you need to keep your mask on throughout the airport building and can only remove it once you are outside.

We were met by Tina from Cosmos Car Hire and were on the road and driving off to Paphos within 30 minutes from touching down which I think is pretty impressive.


Post Pandemic Travel Experience

The whole experience of travelling to another country post pandemic does take a little bit of planning but we found the immigration and covid checks to get into Cyprus were sensible and based around ensuring you had a Cyprus Flight Pass which is free and available to anyone fully vaccinated. Once in Cyprus keep your Cyprus Flight Pass & NHS Vaccination QR Code (Second Dose) ready as lots of venues ask for these as part of local legislation to manage covid. The easiest thing is to have them as a photo in your library or have them setup as your phone wallpaper.

We hope you enjoy your trip to Cyprus and have found this guide helpful, everything written above was correct as of December 2021 but please check before you travel for the latest guidance at

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