Cheap Adventure Holidays

Our top 5 tips for a cheap last-minute adventure holiday anywhere in the world, Save money & see more!

Last Minute Adventures

Finding the perfect place for an adventure break or holiday can be difficult, especially when you leave it to the last minute like we tend to do. Many places will already be booked up and if you leave it too late you do run the risk of missing out on your ideal escape destination. However late you leave it though, it’s still possible to find somewhere to getaway to if you follow these steps and pay even less. This is the order we work in here at Genius Travels, but you can mix them up to find the right method for you.

We've put together another one of our handy quick guides on how to plan an adventure break without the stress, follow our few simple steps and you can be off adventuring in no time and for less!



Decide how you’re going to get there

This might seem like an odd place to start and have you questioning, how am I going to get WHERE? Bear with us though, there is logic to making this your first step. By deciding on your method of travel first you’ll be able to narrow down your other choices like adventure destination and activity type. If you have access to a car you can head somewhere more remote or hire a car, if you need to go by train you might want to look at city breaks, and if you have the time and budget to fly you could go much further afield. We love to go camping, and although we do try to minimise the amount of stuff we take with us we’d find it pretty impossible to travel to a campsite without a car.

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Decide what you want to do when you get there

Yep, still not picking a specific location at this stage. The type of break you want to enjoy will obviously affect where you go, from rural hiking, adventure cycling to a historic city break to getting lost in a jungle some destinations are just suited to one type of activity. This might be where you start thinking about a specific goal you want to achieve – maybe you’ve always wanted to see the Colosseum or climb a mountain, which will give you an exact location. However, if you’re not tied to a single landmark you can think about things like the weather and how this will affect the activities you want to do, even if you’re staying in the UK the weather can vary drastically and some areas are much better suited to warm sunny hikes than others.

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Pick an area that has everything you’re looking for

Finally, this is where you can decide on your destination. Look for an area that is accessible for you, fits the criteria of how rural or urban you want it to be, and research places in the area that you might like to visit. Now that you’ve got a destination in mind you can start planning the journey itself, using flight comparison sites such as Skyscanner to make sure you’re getting the best flight deals, or mapping out the route you’ll take to drive or take the train.

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Research is Key

Although prices do become inflated closer to the time it can still be possible to find a good deal on a last-minute booking. If you’re going on a city break it’s worth looking at combined flight and accommodation packages as these can sometimes work out cheaper than booking each element individually. Using booking sites for accommodation is also a quick way to compare multiple options in one go, however before booking accommodation through one of these sites try to find other independent reviews or reservation options in case you can book direct. This can be particularly useful for AirBnB properties as the more commercial ones will often have their own websites and you can avoid the AirBnB bookings fees by going direct (and the hosts will often thank you for doing this).

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Packing for your trip

Once you know where you’re going and what you’re doing it will be much easier to pack for your trip. Plan ahead and find out if your accommodation has amenities such as towels included so you won’t have to bother taking your own. Try to check a weather forecast to decide on your wardrobe choices ahead of time, saving weight and hassle with your luggage.

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You can go on to plan an entire itinerary for your trip ahead of time, but we find it’s often better to discover things as they come along and not have too rigid a plan when exploring a new area.

Anything can happen and the more flexible you can make your plan the more enjoyable it will be, have some ideas in mind of what you’d like to see and do, relax, and enjoy your adventure holiday!