Apeman Trawo 4K Action Cam Review

A great budget 4K action camera for outdoor adventure recording
  • Product: Apeman Trawo 4K Action Camera
  • Available From: Amazon
  • Price: £89.99 (May 2019)
  • Functions: Action Camera, Time Lapse, Photos
  • Features: 4K 30FPS, Underwater to 40m, Inbuilt WiFi, EIS Stabilisation, Slow Motion, Time Lapes, 20MP Photos
  • Adventure Type: Hiking, Swimming, Climbing, Cycling
  • Season: Winter, Spring, Autumn, Summer
  • Our Thoughts: A great little action camera packing alot of punch for the price

Apeman Trawo Review

Like Go Pro but Cheaper!

We’ve been through our fair amount of action cameras, Go Pro are the biggest name in the market but in recent years other manufacturers are building their own brand and reputation for creating far more budget friendly action cameras with all the same features. The one problem we’ve always faced with action cameras is their robustness and battery life, they always seem to die just as you need them for a great shot or somehow get damaged while travelling or in use on a bike or climbing a mountain. The few other thing’s we’ve always found bug us to no end are the claims they do time lapse and actually it just takes lots of pictures which will take a hell of a lot of editing afterwards. Luckily just before our cycling adventure we were sent two of these Apeman Trawo 4K action cams to put to the test and they performed pretty dam well considering the price.

Tough & Durable

The cameras are a little bit bigger than your average action cam and don’t fit in some of the other action cam cases you might have but that little size makes a massive difference in durability. We used the cameras with an without their cases all day and they survived amazingly with all the drops and knocks we put them through and they just lived in our pockets while we were walking about. During the day we used the bike mounts to mount them on the front handle bars of our bikes to get time lapse shots and 4K video while cycling and doing some awesome descents. They also put up with a little bit of rain and being bashed about in our backpacks when we went off for some walks.

Movement Photos on the Apeman Trawo

Movement Photos on the Apeman Trawo


Action Cam Features

Packed with features this camera made our filming a lot easier due to it’s versatility, the main feature we loved was being able to film in 4K to get a higher quality movie video for our blogs and also the fact it had inbuilt time lapse. Time lapse is a must when you are spending a long day out exploring and you want it to compile the video immediately and it not to be thousands of stills that you later have to turn into a timelapse in the editing sweet. It also has EIS image stabilisation which means it will counter act most bumps and knocks to provide a more stable image without you having to do anything. However if you wiggle the camera around a lot it may create a slightly wobbly image as it doesn’t know where to stabilise it to. All in all though we found the stabilisation spot on and would recommend if you know you are going to be moving every two seconds to turn the stabilisation off.


Well balanced light settings


Large SD Card Memory

The final selling point that won us over with this camera was it’s large memory compatibility being able to take a whole 128GB SD Card when others on the market can only take about 32GB. This gave us over 4 Hours of 4K filming and with time lapse.. well let’s just say you’ll never run out of space taking time lapse video. The cameras also has a few more hidden features including a HDMI out port for when you want to watch the videos back on a larger screen plus two USB modes including Web Cam and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) meaning you can plug the camera straight into the PC to transfer files. You can also use the inbuilt WiFi and app so you can transfer them wirelessly but if it’s a large 4K HD video we’d recommend plugging it in as it’ll speed up the operation.


Selfies with the Action Cam

Apeman Trawo Tips

Like with every piece of modern technology it can take some time getting used to it so here's a few tips we learnt:

  • 4K Video Playback
    When playing back 4K video on your PC or Mac you might need a more reliable video player is VLC doesn't quite like 4K videos yet, we recommend using MPC-HC which is a freeware video player that handles 4K very well
  • SD Cards
    Use a high speed write/read SD card that has a rating of UHS 3, you can find this as it has a U with a 3 in it. More info on getting the right SD card can be found here.
  • Screen Saver
    The camera has an inbuilt screen saver to save battery when you are using it, I changed this to 1 minute so I didn't have to constantly press the button the liven up the screen again
  • Transferring Files on the App
    The app you use to transfer files requires the camera to be on so if you are transferring a large file don't forget to turn off the battery saver or the camera will turn itself off during the file transfer
  • Video Transfer App for Smart Phones
    The app you need to remotely transfer videos and photos is YUTUPro from the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Androids. There have been some reports of problems transferring files, if this happens turn off mobile data or go into flight mode and this should fix it

Apeman Trawo wide lense Photos

Final Review!

We think for the price you can't go wrong with what must the same as a Go Pro but a hell of alot cheaper. There are so many action cameras on the market now it can be hard to make a choice of which one to get but always ensure it has all the features you want first before purchasing.

With the Apeman Trawo you can safely say you won't be caught out as it'll keep revealing little secrets and tricks it has to make action cam recording even easier and better quality. The battery life is great on it and you can survive with just one battery all day but it includes two incase you are going to have a full on day of filming. It includes all the accessories you'll need to mount it everywhere from on a bike to a helmet or on the outside of a car. So if you want to save a few quid and get the same quality as a go pro we'd recommend giving the Trawo 4K action cam a try.