Mallorca - Port De Pollenca

Review and guide to this beach town accommodation for road cycle holidays
  • Location: Port De Pollenca, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
  • Spoken Languages: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro
  • Cost: Average to Expensive
  • Weather: Mild Winters, Hot Summers & Sea Breeze
  • Main Foods: Tourist Restaurants serving all culinary
  • Best Adventures: Road Cycling
Cycling Holiday Guide | Mallorca – Port De Pollenca

Port De Pollenca

Port De Pollenca Cycling Guide

When we arrived in Port De Pollenca we were surprised how suited out for cyclists it was, on most occasions when we arrive at one of our adventure destinations we'll be searching about trying to find where to get the necessary gear and what our potential best routes are. However when you first go on the main beach promenade you know having a cycling holiday here is easy as can be, the one big giveaway is the well designed and extremely busy cycle lane set aside from the pedestrianised area with bike zebra crossings! These are the first time I've ever seen them and as a strict speed limit isn't enforced in this area they are well needed with the regular flow of sportive and tourist road cyclist either heading out to attack their route for the day or returning for a well deserved cold refreshment and sit down.

Port De Pollensa

The layout of the town makes it very easy to navigate around and find everything you need, the most tourist driven restaurants and bars are on the beach front whilst if you start to navigate the side streets you'll find some lovely family ran establishments and also a few locations that the locals eat and drink in. The main road is at the back of the town keeping the town away from the beach keeping the town very peaceful. The sandy beach along the main bay in is a calm environment with loungers available perfect for a relaxing day reading a book or doing some sun worshipping. Further along the bay towards Alcudia the waters become choppier and you'll find some windsurfers showing off their stuff. Overall you should be able to find everything you need in Port De Pollensa to have a great cycling adventure or holiday.


Cycling Facilities

You truly are spoilt for choice when it comes to cycling facilities and equipment in Port De Pollenca. There's a large supply of bike hire shops with everything from carbon frame road bikes to e-bikes and top of the range racers. You'll also be able to find all the energy gels and refreshments you require which are also stocked in most of the bike hire shops. All the main roads have cycle lanes and there are bike rest stops located outside most restaurants so you can whizz in for a bite to eat before heading back out on the saddle.

Bike Hire Shops in Port De Pollenca:


Cycling Routes

The island of Mallorca is a cyclist's mecca with such a vast collection of possible routes to keep your legs spinning all day and all night too if you were crazy enough. Port De Pollenca is situated on the North East corner of Mallorca making some of the most popular routes very easily accessible with a little bit of pedal power.

Recommended Bike Routes:


Restaurants & Bars

After a long day cycling around Mallorca there's nothing like a freshly prepared meal to restore those energy supplies and possibly a well deserved beer or glass of wine. Along the beach front in Port De Pollenca and around the side roads you literally are spoilt for choice. We didn't have a bad meal the whole time we were in the town and would of happily just spent the whole day eating, there's also a range of bars to relax in and look across the stunning sea bay view during the evening.

Recommended Restaurants:

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