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Research & Content

Jenny started her marketing career in the travel industry, specialising in all things equestrian and travelling around the world by horseback . These adventures gave her the chance to cross the Namib Desert and explore the Cloud Forests of Ecuador, alongside many other awesome trips. She's now the researcher, writer, and the one that keeps calm when we're lost in the middle of nowhere.
I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list -Susan Sontag


Adventures & Getting Lost

Simon's love of travel began during an immersive trip to Asia, where he traded adventure stories with locals and fellow travellers . Since then he has been documenting his experiences on adrenaline filled trails, meeting new people and discovering new places that are far from the usual tourist routes. He makes it his goal to experience any country he visits like a local, which means he often gets us quite lost.
Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret - Oscar Wilde

The Genius Travels Story

Why Adventure Travel

Firstly, because we've found that having adventures, ending the day tired and full of adrenaline, is the best way to explore a new country. You'll meet other like minded people along the way and get some amazing views that you just don't get from a sun lounger. Also, for more practical reasons, we're very active and just wouldn't be able to sit still for more than a day!

What Got Us Started

We were drawn to travel after some adventurous trips we each took. We put together our own itineraries and a few friends asked us to share them, which then evolved into sharing routes and travel ideas with a wider community of people. We decided there needed to be a place out there for people to come to for this advice.

What Is Genius Travels

Through our website we hope to give you some great tips to make travelling more fun, adventurous, cheaper and most importantly different from the norm! Even if you just get some inspiration from this website then we're happy you've decided to pop by, and will hopefully see you at a port in the world somewhere on your travels.

Join The Team

We'd love to hear about your adventures and want to give you the chance to help build this community with us. Join us to help grow the Genius Travels portfolio of adventures and experiences we all love to share. If you've got some journeys you want to share with the world then just drop us a message and we'll get you on board.

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Travel Bio

1How many countries have you visited?
41 and counting! We'd never consider a country 'ticked off' though - there's always more to explore.
2How do you plan your journeys?
Usually by seeing how much time we have and then trying to squeeze in as much as possible. We like to stay in places that give us access to national parks and open spaces, so finding that is usually a starting point.
3What was your favourite place to visit?
This is impossible to answer, because each place has a favourite memory of some kind. From the amazing natural light in India to the local hospitality in Romania, there's something amazing about every place we've visited.
4Where do you want go next?
Anywhere and everywhere, but adventures currently being planned include Costa Rica and Nepal.
5What has been your closest near-death adventure?
There have been a few, but having to gallop away from lions in Botswana is up there, along with climbing the Snowdon Horseshoe in thick fog and running out of daylight. Perhaps you'll read more about these in the blog some time.
6What was your most memorable experience?
It's often the little things that make the biggest impression. We've been lucky enough to see some absolutely incredible things on our travels so far, but it's the individual sunsets or evenings round the campfire that we sit back and reminisce about.