Surfing in Chile

surf-in-chileChile is renown all over the world for its ancient history, wild temper and unbelievable climate. It is the climate and Pacific Ocean that gives Chile some of the most attractive surf spots. Though Chile cannot be called a surf country now, it is more and more visited by professional surfers who conclude championships and competitions between locals and foreigners.

For those who want to start their surfing experience or for those who managed to turn pro in this sport Chile is the best destination for a surfing holuday. One of the main surf spot is a little town that can be even called a village "Pichilemu" that is considered to be surfing capital of Chile. This little town is very cozy, people are friendly and the main thing is that on the west in has incredible windy Pacific Ocean. The city has one more pleasant surprise for ladies: though the city has less than 10 000 people, it has 1 000 less men than women.

Pichilemu has 2 main surfing spots: Infernio and La Puntia, and 6 km to the South lays the most famous Chilean serf place "Punta de lobos" which is translated as wolf headland. Punta de lobos is popular because this place always have waves, thanks to the wind the waves here are pretty large. It is known that one wave can reach 1 or even 2 km which makes it a wonderful place for surfers.

Pichelemu provides various local competition and even Quicksilver Ceremonial. Ceremonial is held on the biggest waves in the period of 2 or 3 days (April1- May30). So you understand it is pretty scary- the waves should be 8-9 meters in height.

The city is proud to be a home for famous surfers like Ramon Navarro, Diego Merello and Fabian Farias. Chilean surf has one main peculiarity, it is rather severe: the water here is always cold, it doesn't go below zero but it is still not as warm as the California one. Chilean surfers are pretty tough, they got used to the conditions which give them advantage in any other surf places in Chile and in the whole world.


Accept Pichilemu there are other top surfing spots in Chile, the most famous are Iquique and Arica on the North, Renaca in the central part, Curanipe and Buchupuero.

All these towns have pretty good conditions for surfing or simply for a nice vacation. Don't forget that anywhere you go in Chile you are surrounded with magnificent nature and party people that will make your stay in Chile unforgettable.

Guest post about Surfing in Chile by Michelle Williams from Cheap Surf Gear

Michelle Williams