Woburn Abbey & Deer Park Walk

An attractive walk around a classic Bedfordshire estate and the open expanses of Woburn Deer Park

Woburn Park Walk Information

  • Start: Woburn
  • Distance: 7.5 miles / 12km
  • Height Gain:500ft
  • Time: 3.5 hours
  • Parking: Woburn
  • Route Map: Google Map

Route Summary

This classic country walk must rank as one of the great walks of Bedfordshire. Much of it is across the open grounds of Woburn Deer Park, surrounded with tree lined avenues, wild deer and lakes it’s a beautiful place to explore for the day.
After the start there is a beautiful view of Woburn Abbey and near the end you will experience the tower of Woburn Church across the parkland. The route is easy to find and suitable for all experience levels.

Step 1:

Start in the Market Place by the Market House and walk along George Street in the direction of Leighton Buzzard. After 800m turn left and go through a kissing-gate by a lodge to enter Woburn Park.

Walk along this fence-lined path and after going through the next kissing gate, keep ahead across the open expanses of the deer park. The route is clearly marked by a line of short posts and there is a view to the right of Woburn Abbey.

Pass between two lakes across a drive and keep ahead passing to the left of the house to follow a tarmac drive. Continue along the drive up a gentle hill and when it curves right, continue straight across the deer park, following a line of short posts again towards woodland.

Step 2:

At the end of the open area pass through a wooden gate, iron gate and stile and head gently downhill through a young forest. Continue through more mature woodland and then across a field. Descend some muddy steps, cross a footbridge and keep forward to cross another footbridge and go through a metal gate. Walk diagonally across a field and continue in the same direction across the next field. On the far side, at a footpath post, the path curves right through an area of rough pasture to emerge, via a gate, onto a road.

Step 3:

At this road turn left into Eversholt, a small village that comprises 13 separate hamlets. Follow the road around several bends, passing the church, the Green Man pub, and at sharp left turn, keep ahead along an enclosed tarmac track to the right of a sign, Brook End. Continue along this track which turns into more of a path and look out for where you turn left over a plank footbridge. Go through a kissing-gate, turn right staying close to the edge of the field and go through another kissing-gate. Keep along the right edge of the next field, turn left in the corner, turn right through a kissing-gate and turn left to continue along the enclosed path. The path heads gently uphill to a gate onto a road.

Step 4:

Cross over the road, take the track opposite and at the top of a small hill at a public footpath sign by a farm cottage, turn left walk diagonally across a field to a kissing-gate. Go through and continue through a young forest following waymarked signs. Go through a hedge gap and keep along the left edge of the next field and in the corner, turn slightly left going through a gap and continue along an enclosed track. Where the track curves right to a farm, turn left, at a fence corner – the path may be slightly overgrown – and go through a gate onto a lane. Turn left downhill and after 400 metres, turn right over a stile, at a public footpath sign, and head uphill along a grassy path.

Step 5:

The path continues through woodland and after going through a gate, you now enter Woburn Park & Grounds. At first continue through woodland and then follow a grassy path across the deer park. The path bends left beside a metal fence to keep along the left edge of Hay Wood and at a footpath post just before reaching a tarmac drive, turn left along the drive. Behind the high wire fence to the right is Woburn Safari Park.

Step 6:

Where the drive turns right, keep ahead along a clear grassy path – the path marked by a line of posts again – to a road. Cross over the road, turn right along a path beside it past a large sign and after about 200 yds, the path curves left away from the road to continue across the park. Keep ahead in a straight line across the parkland, eventually pass the end of a pond to reach the vehicle drive to Woburn Abbey. Turn right and where the drive bends right, turn left and then turn right along a tarmac track and go through a gate by a cattle-grid.

Step 7:

Continue along the track and just before it bends right, curve slightly left along a path which goes past the the edge of a pond and continues to a road. Go through a gate by a house and turn left to return to the start of the walk in the village of Woburn.

Route Map