How to Clean a Canvas Bell Tent

Cleaning guide for a canvas and material bell tents

Maintenance for Canvas Tent

Canvas tents are great for their look, lifecycle and for being more comfortable in the summer and winter compared to a normal plastic tent. But they require routine maintenance to keep them looking their best and to keep the material waterproof and free from stains or dirt.

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How to Clean a Canvas Bell Tent

How to Clean Canvas & Cotton Tent Guide

Tools Needed: Brush, Vacuum Cleaner, Pump Action Garden Pressure Sprayer (5Litre)


Remove Dirt & Debris

With a brush or vacuum cleaner remove all dirt from inside the tent and brush down the exterior skin gently removing any dirt or grime left on the surface.

Apply Cleaning Products

Slow Option:

Wet & Forget

If you have plenty of time at least 2-3 weeks
This product naturally removes dirt and stains over time and with the weather. However you have to place your tent in an open area as the dirt is removed with the rain and wind and it can react with any new stains such as bird poo so needs to be away from trees.


Quick Option:

Ultramar Power Cleaner

Fast and effective canvas cleaner
This is a great fast acting product to remove stains and dirt from the canvas of your tent or awnings, spray it on, wait and then wash it off.


Waterproof & Protect

Ultramar Canvas & Cotton Protector

It’s vital that after cleaning canvas you protect it again, any cleaning removes the protection and needs replenishing. Impregnating the tent with a generous dose of waterproofer & protector of your choice, we recommend Ultramar for cotton and canvas tents and awnings. It has a special anti-fungal formula which means algae and fungi are less likely to adhere to the canvas afterwards.

Bell Tent Accessories

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